Parashar is a well kept secret in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh elongated through the boulevard trails of striking contours. It is located 50 km ahead of Mandi if we move towards the north. It is known for the mystery lake which presents an enigma, giving rise to speculation.

The charm of the lake is well decorated by the floating island in it. The depth of the island could not be determined even by the divers. Alongside the lake there is an old three storied pagoda shaped temple dedicated to the sage Parashar. The exact history of the temple is unknown but according to the inhabitants it took years to complete the construction of the temple as it is beautifully made with intricate carvings of animals and serpents.


Those seeking to evade the blatant agony of the metro city can cruise to Parashar.

The chromatic camps are the only source to rejoice the lake view and feel the breeze as it doesn’t offer any hotels to deter the cool winds. The unpredictable journey covering an approximate distance of 500 km can be covered on bikes or car.

The experience with Escape Route was blood tingling. The 19 hours long journey riding on bikes to reach the destination and similar time coming back was gripping and wondrous. Encountering a white leopard would be the last thing to imagine. Breathtaking and risky it seemed at a moment as the stretch covered the wilder and darker jungles.

Celebrating peace and serenity of the lake the carols were on. Beautiful nights were spent gazing the stars with bonfire aiding to deter the chilly winds. Elongated adventures are always welcomed with admirable associations.

A perfect host is important for a perfect trip and so is he crowned.

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