There is nothing more liberating than an open road, a long road trip with your besties singing your favorite tunes. It is an amazing experience, which should not be disrupted et all. Team Escape Route brings you a quick check list of the do’s and don’ts to ensure the experience lives in your memories for all the good reasons.

Carry shades and headband; for when you roll down the windows, long hair gets messy and this holds true for guys too.

Always wear loose and comfortable clothes for the road trip. Do not wear flip-flops as it can get stuck between the driving pedals by mistake, shoes are a better bet.

Always carry few water bottles and keep yourself hydrated. You may not get mineral water in the hinterlands and remember in India, water taste changes every few miles.

Just neat water would do for the road. Only mix it with alcohol, when you reach the destination. Remember the journey is important too, it is an experience in itself and no ways less in a holiday.

Always carry an organizer with all key papers of the vehicle, you can use its open pockets to stuff in toll receipts, else they will keep flying around in the car.

Eat only to taste and not hog, do not stuff yourself too much at Dhabas. Keep protein or energy bars handy, as you cannot surprise your stomach with all the roadside food. Stomach infection is common during long road trips. Rely on fruits and bottled water mostly while you keep tasting in the local culinary delights.

Carry charged power banks and multi charger power source in your car. Alternate between the power sources and use them amicably. As soon as the first source gets over, put it on charge in the moving car and use the other one. Sharing is saving.

A hard copy of state route map has never lost its charm even in the times of Google maps and GPS enabled tracking devices. It has its own benefits and comes in handy in hinterlands.

Carry extra tissue papers and extra car cleaning cloth. Newspapers work well as glass cleaners.Hand sanitizers or soap dispensers always come in handy. Hand towels are great for roadtrips.

It is fun to be lost when you know you have the global positioning system, GPS to get you out of any dead end.

You should always have a swiss knife, torch, gloves, fuel lighter, pliers apart from the regular tubeless puncture strips, small air pump / foot pump in addition to the regular tool kit with all keys.

Always remember to keep the tyre air-pressure at least two points lower than the designated pressure as tyres tend to inflate a little on long highway drives.

It makes sense to note down the highway patrol / helpline number, just in case.


If you are adventurous: always carry a small arpenaz tent and sleeping bags for the ultimate experience after due checks.

Road trips are getting more and more popular in this era of individualism and self-choice. It only makes sense that one follows his/her own road for a personalized experience. However, be mindful that there are lot of reasons, your experience can turn sour without any fault of yours.


Last May, during Escape Route Motorcycle road trip to Parasher Lake at Himachal Pradesh, India, we had a rendezvous with the big cat past midnight. We were just carrying some nerve and luck.


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