All major religions in the world ascertain that one has to be extremely fortunate to be born in human form among all sentient beings. “Karma” or a number of positive actions over the course of months, years even lifetimes help you acquire human form on this planet. Since the human birth is so coveted, it is only rational that the human life is to be lived in the best possible manner.

Forget religion, even common sense puts forth the same argument, it is one life after all, better live it up.

And that is what we aspire to do, we always do our best from the beginning of our life circle, we get into good schools, do our best to get good grades to get into good grad-schools, to earn good money, to get a good life partner, to raise our kids in the exact same respectable manner. We do not even expect something superfluous for our deeds, just good is enough. We take vacations, travel as much as we can, which has gradually become part of the same routine, part of the same circle of life. And all this while, we are constantly in pursuit of happiness and peace. Where are we going wrong despite doing it right every time?

If you were at Tushita Meditation Centre, the teachers will probably tell you that even when you thought that you were doing it all right, the way of doing it was possibly wrong. While you were working so hard for your happiness, you should have probably tried to offer happiness to others. For love and compassion is the way of Budddhist life and that is the karma they believe in. For what goes around, comes around.

We all have sought answers to our issues in life at some point of time. Taking the retreat will help you understand that answers to most of our pretty complex problems are really simple.

“It is all in the mind”.

It is mindful to note that our entire physical nature is actually governed by a non-physical entity called the ‘Mind’, the ‘Awareness’, the ‘Consciousness”, the ‘conscience’, some might even call it a ‘soul’.

Your mind doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep and does not get tired. But sometimes, in anger, in frustration, in excitement, we lose our minds. Whatever our state in life be, we can chose to be happy simply by training our mind. While it does sound so simple, it is an extraordinary feat to achieve and millions have been at it for quite awhile now.

If you think, it relates to you at any point of your life and would like to know more about it, we urge you to book yourself a silent 10 day retreat program at Tushita Meditation Center, especially the one at Mcleodganj, Dharmashala for the sake of your “Mind” and absorb only as much as you can!

There are a number of programs to choose from, following is a link to the upcoming programs.

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Images source: Escape Route and Tushita Meditation Centre



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